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The Heaven of Hell (second edition, expanded and revised)
by Jon F. Allen
"All of life is struggle, of course, and Jon’s deftly rendered mutants are struggling up one heck of a storm. Struggling with each other, struggling with nature, struggling to get out of their own fucking skin. It leaves a hell of a mess, with all of your favorite bodily fluids competing as signifiers." - David E. Williams, www.davidewilliams.com

Underground Poet's Society Volume II 
edited by Rich Hillen Jr.
"A collection of underground poets from around the world. The Underground Poets Society is an online group of people gathering to share their thoughts through prose and poetry. This is the second publication of our efforts to express ourselves through writing. Featuring poetry from Art Glib, Chris Sondey, Dwayne Vanaman, Tara Suess, Ronnie James, Jessica DeCaro Timothy Allen, Betty Nicole Souza, Daniel James Hill, Sheri Neumoyer, Jon F. Allen, Heather Souza, Christopher Emerle and more." Front cover art and design by Jon F. Allen
The Dust Storm: A Collection of Poems and a Short Story
by Timothy Allen
My brother Tim! "Contained within this collection are eleven poems and one short story. The poems are about various topics and are inspired by the author's experiences and perceptions. The short story is a work of fiction concerning a young couple and one afternoon spent inside the area of the Dust Bowl during the Dust Bowl era."
Pop Wasteland is an ongoing collaboration between the Allen brothers. In each issue they will assemble a collection of works by visionary, anarchic, sick humored, realist, and surrealist artists and writers. Featuring: Jon F. Allen, Timothy S. Allen, 
Aleksandar Zograf, Aaron Lange, 
LC von Hessen, Don Joyce (Negativland), Jim Ether, Amie Carson,
Bonnie MacAllister, Tom Tobin, Lora Bloom, Roy Smith, Nicola Vinciguerra, 
Elizabeth Akin Stelling, Ryan J. Torres,
Rich Hillen Jr., Brian James Spies, Joshua B. Borden.