curated by Dr. K. Malcolm Richards, Jon F. Allen, and Rodney Thoms
"A multi-media event examining the general containment policy that confines, refines, and defines how humans conduct and are conducted through their lives in the early twenty-first century via institutions that bind. From carefully contrived cubicles in the work place and the processed packaged food we consume to the surveillance cameras that record our whereabouts and the psychiatric pills that standardize our minds and wills, this exhibition will explore and explode the categorical imperatives that rue and rule our daily existence." - Dr. K. Malcolm Richards

Opened September 10 8-12 Opening Night Performances by: DV Nikt, Gruesome Twosome (Lora Bloom and Kenny Brown), and Justice League of Adversaries 
Also featuring sound man and DJ David S. Aponte

Closed October 1 8-12 Closing reception featured the film Samuel Fuller's "Shock Corridor" with lecture/discussion by the curators.

Steven Dufala / Billy Dufala / Paul D'Agostino / Carolina Maugeri / Brian Spies / Dr. Kevin Richards 
/ David E. Williams / Ben Coover / Mary Coyle / Adam Simon / Jon F. Allen / Timothy Allen / DV Nikt
Jordan Graw / Joshua Borden / David S. Aponte / Tina Zavastanos and S. O'Brien/ Thomas Micchelli "

Videos exhibited at the show. More vids coming soon.
Poet, singer, performer Scott Norman describes
his entanglements with nefarious, exploitative
institutions (such as the medico-pharma industrial complex) and ignorant people. 

a short documentary by Jon F. Allen 2011
The title is German for 'laughable' or 'ridiculous,' and it is here a reference to something the writer Thomas Bernhard once said upon accepting a literary prize in Austria in 1968, causing some stir: "Es ist alles lächerlich, wenn man an den Tod denkt." ("Everything is ridiculous when one thinks about death.") Bernhard's statement is thus the basis for this photo-sequence film in which a fool's humored brush with certain trappings of mortality might tickle into existence further mixed amusements. It might also, and quite simply, annoy.

By Paul D'Agostino. 2011. B&W. 2:35.

Hitting Time, Paper Pusher, and Suit Run Suit
“'I’ve been finding it hard to tell the real from the fake…’ she said�

“Mary Coyle is a creator of fiction. She adorns many disguises. Today she is a corporate man in a suit. Her performance as actor in her own video work allows for the re-invention of the self through stereotyped characters. Issues of identity and gender are brought into question. As performer, she inserts herself in an invented world, one that many of us are familiar with. The performer appears animated and robotic as the actions become repetitive and futile. In her constructed worlds , opposing iconic religious and artistic images are composed delicately and placed with elements of interior design within an ornate frame. Glamour, beauty, and humor are employed seductions to worlds that comment on narcissism, femininity, and the spectacle.�

three videos by Mary Coyle