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Thanks for dropping by. Here's a bit about me and the site:
I work in several media including video, installation, painting, drawing, and sculpture. My work has shown at Germ Books and GalleryThe Slought FoundationOsvaldo Romberg StudioPterodactyl Philadelphia, and several other venues. Most notably, my solo painting show American Dystopia was held at The Hex Factory in an old Philly Kensington neighborhood (only a few blocks from The Philadelphia Brewing Company). I have also been co-curator  with Dr. K. Malcolm Richards of three exhibits that challenged contemporary social paradigms and institutions Containment Policy ,  Brian Spies Can'€t find my way home (an installation concerning shale gas drilling in Brian'€™s hometown of Williamsport, PA), and It's your funeral. My video art is the culmination of my fascinations with psychedelia, the boiling cauldron of pop cultural refuse, despair, conspiracy, mind control, grotesquerie, and humor. The avant-garde musicians Radio ErisDavid E. WilliamsThe Extremist, and Diamond Cult have given me the opportunity to create music videos with aesthetics that benefit from collaboration with supremely talented friends. Lastly, I welcome you to please venture further into my site and check out my essays, images, videos, and even my Edgar Allan Poe t-shirt for sale (all sizes and multi-colored).
All the kaiju gone wild,
Jon F. Allen

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"All of life is struggle, of course, and Jon’s deftly rendered mutants are struggling up one heck of a storm. Struggling with each other, struggling with nature, struggling to get out of their own fucking skin. It leaves a hell of a mess, with all of your favorite bodily fluids competing as signifiers." - David E. Williams,
"Jon Allen never stops inking because,

the drumming never stops in America.

The drumming of death

The drumming of horror

The drumming of sex

The drumming of murder

The drumming of devils

The drumming of the drumming"
-- DV  Nikt,

"'The Heaven of Hell' features black and white drawings as potent, grotesque, and unyielding as the likes of S. Clay Wilson or Mike Diana. Jon F.Allen dredges up demons, horrors, sex, murder, anxieties, and gallows humor born in the unseemly trenches of Catholicism, addiction, and observations of the decrepit, violent, bleak world around him" - Pop Wasteland
I will be vending at Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Aug. 3, 2014!
Hope to see you there!
When in Bordentown, NJ please be sure to visit Randy Now's Man Cave and Consignment Shop