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"All of life is struggle, of course, and Jon’s deftly rendered mutants are struggling up one heck of a storm. Struggling with each other, struggling with nature, struggling to get out of their own fucking skin. It leaves a hell of a mess, with all of your favorite bodily fluids competing as signifiers." - David E. Williams,
"Jon Allen never stops inking because,

the drumming never stops in America.

The drumming of death

The drumming of horror

The drumming of sex

The drumming of murder

The drumming of devils

The drumming of the drumming"
-- DV  Nikt,

Jon F. Allen is an underground comix artist, psychotronic filmmaker, and electronic musician. He received an MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited at Germ Books and Gallery, Randy Now's Man Cave, Pterodactyl studios, The Eris Temple, The Hex Factory, and the Slought Foundation. His work is the culmination of influences such as retro TV shows, B grade sci-fi and horror movies, conspiracy theories, Ufology, and more.
I will be vending at Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on Aug. 16th, 2015! And Asbury Park Punk Rock Flea Market on May 30th, 2015! And Newark Comic Con on Sept. 12th, 2015!
NEWS FLASH! I regret to inform you that
I will be cancelling my Society6 account very soon due to their facilitation of the stomping of not only my first amendment rights as a born United States citizen, but also the rights of many other artists who have work on that site. Someone or some entity claiming to be the copyright owner of something, as yet to be properly identified in a political cartoon I had for sale as prints, has ordered Society6 to remove said cartoon. Soc6 has shown zero moxy regarding the matter. I encourage everyone to boycott Society6! That's right! Stop buying from them! Apologies to everyone who received my flier, and planned on purchasing something from me via Society6. Again, FUCK SOCIETY6!
Jon F. Allen
An album’s worth of David E. Williams’ secret collaborations with horifficist renaissance man Jon F. Allen.

Sexy synth und Sprechstimme to accompany any psychological emergency! Medical ones too. Expect some Liebestod und Lustmord. But mostly Lustmord. Plus a cover of “The Seinfeld Theme” that focuses on a very special episode.
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Featuring: Jon F. Allen, Timothy S. Allen, 
Aleksandar Zograf, Aaron Lange, 
Madame Deficit, Jim Ether, Amie Carson,
Bonnie MacAllister, Lora Bloom, Roy Smith, 
Elizabeth Akin Stelling, Ryan J. Torres,
Rich Hillen Jr., Brian James Spies, 
Tom Tobin, Joshua B. Borden.